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Create Custom Main Labels

Labelling Service.

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How It Works.

Find your perfect Blank and click on "LABELLING SERVICE".

Create your Branded label uploading your artworks using our innovative digital Labels builder.

Once your labels are produced, we store them for you, and you decide if you want to apply them on the products of your orders.

Frequently asked questions.

Recycled Polyester Woven Labels / 5.50cm X 3cm.

Labels are sold in batches of 250 units minimum.

When you buy labels, the price includes the manufacturing, the storage and application of the labels on your orders' products.

You can add your labels on all the products we offer, blanks, printed blanks etc.

Labels can only be sewn in main label placement.
Inside collar placement for Tees, Hoodies, Sweaters and Vests.
Inside waist placement for Sweatpants and Sweatshorts.