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Create Printed Samples & Order In Bulk

Dtg Printing Lab.

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How It Works.

Find your perfect Blank and click on "DTG PRINTING LAB".
Create a printed sample uploading your designs in your innovative digital sample builder.

We print your sample using the most advanced digital printing technology in the world.

Order in bulk with wholesale pricing using your "Private ShowRoom".

Frequently asked questions.

The Dtg Printing Lab is a service reserved for B2B members, you must apply to be able to access this service.
You can apply HERE

If we ask you to create a printed sample before be able to order in bulk, it is because we are a professional platform and our ambition is to only deliver high-quality products.
Indeed, the printing of the 1st product always takes a lot of time and often requires many settings and adjustments in order to obtain an excellent result.
That's why we don't want to bypass this very important step.
When you order in bulk using your Private ShowRoom, the products you will receive will be identical to the printed samples and therefore no bad surprises!

We use Digital Printing with the highest output rate in the world, we are able to offer prints with incredible detail, unrivaled quality and feel.

When you create printed samples, you can then find them in your "Private ShowRoom" (section which will be in the menu of our site when you are logged as a B2B member).
You will then have the possibility of ordering in bulk your samples with quantity discounts.

Please go HERE